Chrome Education License

Unlock the capabilities of Chrome OS and give teachers the freedom to deliver better learning outcomes

Chrome Education Licenses are used to manage Chrome devices across your school. A license is required for each device you want to manage. You can manage users in the Google Admin console and a Chrome Education License gives you access to device settings in the Google Admin console. 

A Chrome Education License gives schools access  to 200+ customizable policies and settings.

Create a personalized experience for users on each and every device in your domain.  Give a custom, school-wide experience on each and every device, no matter who signs in.

Device Settings

Specify who can sign in.

Ensure educational use by disabling guest mode and restricting sign in to your domain.

Enrollment and access.

Prevents anyone from removing a device from your domain (no matter how sneaky they are).

Autocomplete domain.

Speed up the sign in process—great for touch screen devices and younger students.

Enable cloud printing.

Grant access to Cloud Print, allowing devices to use any printer on your network.

User Settings

Push apps and extensions.

Lead students right to the apps and extensions that they need the most.

Customize the Chrome Web Store.

Create an instance of the Chrome Web Store specific to your school’s domain.

Customize the user experience.

Automatically load websites on startup, add custom bookmarks, and block distractions.

Teachers using locked mode.

When students take a quiz in locked mode, they won’t be able to browse other websites or open any other apps.

Enable/disable hardware.

Control whether users can access webcams, speakers, external hard drives, or printers.

Chromebooks Storage

At Compupac EducationStore we ensure that the Chromebooks are kept protected. Our charging stations and Chromebook carts for schools are built to simplify and enhance mobile device deployments.

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